Ballard Warehouse Sale

Hello again...! Sorry for the delay, we've been running around. Yesterday was an amazing day, in many respects. We woke up at the crack of dawn (09h00 is early for us!) and headed to the New York Fashion Academy in Ballard. The sun was out, and a line of hip 21ème'ers-to-be lined the sidewalk, awaiting access to severely marked down wears.
Yesterday alone we added 7 new 21ème'ers. Not bad, non? What made it better, however, was not the awesome turnout, or the awesome clothes inside, but the fact that nearly EVERY person who was photographed had heard of the 21ème! How cool is that? We really felt like our little local fashion movement was getting noticed, and to see such hip cats and birds had heard of us, and were regularly checking the blog made our day!
Special thanks to ALL of the vendors who put on the event. A even more special thanks to Blackbird for the invite, and for making us feel welcome! Hang onto that Band of Outsiders blazer for us! As more events occur, you will hopefully be seeing more of us. Big things are still to come!

- le 21ème

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