Caroline Hallgarth

Caroline Hallgarth, Voyageuse/S.D.F.  20th + Ballard, Seattle, WA.  26-April-2008.

- le 21ème


Taylor said...

i love her sunglasses. what's a refreshment from the usual wayfayer shape (however much i like it).

S.M. said...

This girl is gorgeous.

Matt said...

Great choices on everything! The high-quality yet subdued shoes, skirt and jacket. Perfect not too-matchy bag. Just the right amount of non-pastel springtime color.

Take a good, long look people...this young lady is what we call "On Point".

In fact, it's so good that a team has been dispatched to her home and we are currently relocating her to Manhattan. No more dudes hanging outside Starbucks with an un-tucked EXPRESS for men shirt and too much hair gel constantly hitting on her; talking about snow-boarding with their "bros". No, no. That's over now.

She has transcended.

Adam Sinding said...

Taylor: Yeah, her glasses are rad!

Sam: Come get her!

Matt: Manhattan...perhaps...but in reality Auckland is calling. She is awaiting a visa and will be gone from us forever!


Matt said...

Wait a minute...are those songbird tattoos?! Nooooooooooooo!!! Went from clever, educated young fashion editor to former AFI fan who reads Vice Magazine waaaay too much in an instant. Wait, maybe it's something clever in Latin or a symbol of great personal significance.

I'm joking of course. It's just a tattoo...and I'm a big jerk.