Razi Bhatti

Razi Bhatti, Designer.  5th + Pike, Seattle, WA.  28-August-2008.

- le 21ème


LadyMaya said...

Hello, I just found this blog, and I'm very happy to see that Seattle still has a functioning street style blog (I was sad to find that the few we had stopped updating, or shut down) so keep up the good work!
I am commenting on this photo specifically because I happen to know Razi personally, and she is one of the best dressers I know. She is also a wonderful designer and illustrator, and her creativity is always evident in her outfits. bonne journée! :)

Le 21ème said...

I would love to know how to get in touch with her. She was so cool when I took the shot! Do you have her email? Does she know about the blog?

- le 21ème