Xin Wang

Xin Wang, Student.  Blackbird Ballard, Seattle, WA.  25-October-2008.

- le 21ème


far4 said...

I have to say, this gentleman is one of the most stylish Seattleites I've encountered. Him and Ramel are on my top list.

Anonymous said...

By stylish you mean, "looks like a goofy dork"

I think I have this style thing figured out:

Step 1: Head to St. Vincent
Step 2: Pick up tight pants, ugly sweaters and jackets
Step 3: Add pair of outrageously-priced sneakers.
Step 4: Point the tips of those shoes together


John said...

^^^ pure comedy.

never met xin wang personally, but seen him all over seattle and he always catches my eye. so proper.