Le 21ème + BoConcept + {far4}

Last Thursday, 26-March-2009, le 21ème as invited to two fashion feature events in Seattle. Early on in the night we arrived at {far4} for an invite only Seattle Met Magazine event. We snapped a few great shots of the night and zipped off to BoConcept for a fashion show put on by The Finerie. The venue was packed, and there was lot of downtime before the show started, which meant we partook in some (many) complimentary cocktails...so please excuse the slightly blurry photos, le 21ème meant no harm. Also, we were not surpirsed to see one of the 21ème'ers walking the runway, Courtney Giles. Enjoy!

- le 21ème


Stacy said...

Do you have more photos from the Seattle Metro Mag event?

Adam Sinding said...

I will post them up tonight. There are only a few worth posting.