Angela Freeman, Kristin Myllenbeck, + Heather Hested

Angela Freeman, Kristin Myllenbeck, + Heather Hested, Nordstrom Corporate.  5th + Pike, Seattle, WA. 28-October-2009.

- le 21ème


... said...

I like the color of this trench !


Easy fashion Paris

... said...

There is a problem
I always type comment in the wrong place !


Ljubica said...

beautiful coat

Dithyramb said...

Jacket/Coat season is here! This is what it's all about.

kelp said...

please take less photos of corporates and more real people. also, why do people tend to stand pigeon-toed when posing for a fashion shot?

Anonymous said...

Confused by your comment...these are real people. They work in the corporate offices at Nordstrom Headquarters. Also not one of them is standing pigeon toed... pleae elaborate!

- le 21ème