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A few weeks back, we were in New York City, and decided to have a meet-up with Clutch 22's Jordana Bruner.  Jordana's blog is awesome...a must read!  Jordana is presently competing in BlueFly's America's Most Stylish Blogger contest.  Make sure to check out this article featuring Jordana on StyleListStyleList must love Le 21ème, 'cuz they used one of the photos we took!  WOW!

Le 21ème's photo of Jordana Bruner http://www.stylelist.com/2009/11/17/jordana-bruner-clutch22/

- le 21ème

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Zita said...

She's very attractive. I'm seeing these baggy almost haren pants starting to creep back into style. Not sure how I feel about it, but they flatter her.