Jordan Lemerande

Jordan Lemerande, Cosmotologist, Gene Juarez.  Pine + Belmont, Seattle, WA.  22-November-2009.

- le 21ème


Never End Gallery said...

This photo is insane! The scene with his hair everything goes together so well.

Le 21ème said...

Yeah, the light was pretty amazing! Thanks, Joe!

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- le 21eme

Jillian said...

quite lovely! the colour of those pants are wonderful!

dana said...

Everything about this photo screams Seattle fall. Even the hair! Ha, I love it.

Ikemba and Melodie said...

I love all the colors going on in this picture!!

And yes. His hair is pretty amazing. haha.


Stitch Society said...

The colors...Now this shot is divine

... said...

It's amazing
how everything fits together


Easy Fashion

Graham I. Haynes said...

This guy's hair is rock n roll.

Pants + shoe combo is also pretty stellar.

☮ from

plaisirs simples said...

absolutely loving the fall look of this pic. great photo