CMRTYZ + StyleSight

Yesterday was a big day for Seattle Fashion.  Stylesight the world's leading fashion forecasters stopped by Seattle's humble Ballard neighbourhood yesterday to interview our good friends Ty Ziskis + Carlos Ruiz @ CMRTYZ. On our recommendation, Michael from Stylesight paid them a visit to check out their new hand-made line, and to see the inner workings of (our opinion) Seattle's most promising fashion house (apartment.) Michael seemed refreshed by CMRTYZ's simple roots, and pure mission statement...or lack thereof. In the fashion world, status often reigns paramount, leaving actual style and artistry as a secondary motive. In the case of CMRTYZ, art and attainability is the main goal, and status is tossed out with their screen-printing waste. Check out to see more about this meet up, and expect new, BIG things from CMRTYZ.

- le 21ème



Ciao, how are you? J'aime your post, i agree with you, thanks for sharing! Have a good weekend!

"I've tried to find a new elegance. It's not easy because people want to be shocked. They want explosive fashion. But explosions don't last, they disappear immediately and leave nothing but ashes."- Giorgio Armani


ELVIA said...

so you're from or you live in seattle?

i think status/ego should be forgotten and artistic values + pure style should be spread, loved and exchanged!

thanks for the letting us know about this! are you a fashion forecaster? i admire those type of individuals who can predict the future of fashion! x.

Le 21ème said...

We are from Seattle/Tacoma and live in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighbourhood. We are not "officially" fashion forcasters, but hopefully we can play a part is trend-spotting and style inspiration.

- le 21eme

Osiris The Great said...

Oh mi gato. Those shredder outfits are the bomb. I need to put that top on a gorgeous skinny model and bam!