Le 21ème at Deli

Le 21ème will be at Deli this afternoon for a customer photo day from 1p-6p.  Deli is an awesome boutique in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighbourhood, and is located at 87 Yesler Way.  Come stop by, show your face, and have your photo taken!  It's a beautiful day for a walk, so no excuses!  See you there!

- le 21ème


rhai♥laborte said...

Cute scarf!!


Eun Gi said...

love that shop! i used to go there when i was in Seatle..too bad that i can't stop by.
have fun!


Mandy said...

Military inspired boots are really in because I see them everywhere! I love them! They remind me of some heeled military boots from J Shoes. You can find them at