Le 21ème at BoConcept

BoConcept has asked us to show our photos in their showroom for April, 2010's Art Walk.  We are extremely flattered, and more than anything...excited!  We are hoping for a fantastic turnout, and to ensure a great night, Sixth Avenue Wine Seller is supplying the libations for the soirée.  So, no excuses, it's fashion's night out...Seattle Style!

Le 21ème Arrondissement @ Art Walk
BoConcept, 901 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA.
1-April-2010, 7p-10p

- le 21ème


Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

Looks like every time I'm on this site (which is often), you guys are up to something new!! The event on April 1st sounds like a winner, I'm looking forward to seeing those photos. Keep up the great work and quality photos.

Margaret said...

how exciting for you!!! :D
love the blog and your work :O
stop by some time xx