Le 21ème + Moore + Giles

Last weekend we popped by Blackbird in Ballard to check out Moore + Giles' awesome traveling trunkshow.  Their genius Airstream venue began it's national tour with a stop in Ballard before setting off to conquer the continent.  Moore + Giles' is a 77 year-old leather good company who's new line-up of leather bags and accessories is amazing.  Seeing the attention to detail in each of their pieces was really inspiring.  Make sure to check out all of their good on their website or in person at Blackbird in Ballard.

Click here to visit Moore + Giles' Website

- le 21ème


Ire A said...

Great pictures. I love the bags!

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rachel rianne said...

such a stylish GREAT looking ride!
i wouldn't mind traipsing 'cross the states in that thing.
esp with those beautiful bags.

red | hongyi said...

oooh - lovely pics and bags!