Lindsey Tennant Moore

Lindsey Tennant Moore, Model.  Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA.  4-June-2010.

- le 21ème


Cecylia said...

Wow that dress is out of the world!

Tamara said...

Designed by Cameron Levin.

Grace said...

Wow. The draping...a masterpiece. Sigh. It looks like crumpled paper!! I dream of one day becoming a fashion designer...that tops Marc Jacobs!! Haha...xD. I find you blog very cool. I'll will you follow mine? (And how he/she paired it with the tall, tall hair, black gloves, and almost drapey earrings?? Just yet another work of art coming from that man/woman's brain. to post another one on my blog!! You come and follow?? Thanks.
The AMAAAAAZING 10 (almost 11) year old, Grac(i)e Blackberg!!

Davidikus said...

This dress is great! and worn with much style. Thanks for sharing.