Le 21ème Euro Trip 2010

In case New York City wasn't going to be exciting enough...we just booked a 15-day tour through Europe's most stylish cities.  Get in touch...we want to shoot you in your town!  Here's the schedule:

Le 21ème Arrondissement
European Tour, 2010

Reykjavik:         16-18, November,2010
London:           18-21, November, 2010
Paris:                21-24-November, 2010
Copenhagen:     24-27, November, 2010
Stockholm:        27-30, November, 2010

- le 21ème


Francesca said...

love ur blog


http://lekisskiss.blogspot.com <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

П. Пachado Vanègue said...

Bonne Chance!

Alma said...

When are you planning a trip to Romania?:P Kiss ya!