Le 21ème at Blackbird Ballard's Fashion Show

Definitely THE place to be last Thursday soirée.  Blackbird Ballard put on an amazing event at Magnolia's Daybreak Star Center in Discovery Park.   This was by far our favourite event of the year, put on by some of Seattle's most creative kids.  From the live runway soundtrack, to the awesome styling by Blackbird's own, the invitees all exited elated and enlightened.  This is what Seattle needs...more shows on this level.  Thanks, Blackbird!

- le 21ème


П. Пachado Vanègue said...

So Cool! You are a lucky boy! hehe

Anonymous said...

Nice show indeed. My eyes were caught by the blue lace-ups of the guy sitting in the front row!

Petsy von Köhler said...

Okay, the make-up was almost too graveyard-chique to function, ferosh!

Nice blog btw!

Davidikus said...

I really like that black and blue coat!